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Form Names and Numbers

You may notice in your tenure here that forms are known within the agency by a number of names and numbers.  This can be confusing having a conversation with workers and supervisors that have been here for different lengths of time. 

This comes from DHS having an old numbering system that we are in the process of phasing out.  Many workers still use these names within the office and the forms are still named with the old numbers in Imaging and FACS.

In this Handbook, we will attempt to use both numbers (when needed) until the Legacy Numbers are no longer used in any official capacity.  If you see any place where we don't do this, please hit the Contact Us! button and let us know which page has the form listed incorrectly.

Forms in DHS may be known by their Form Name, Legacy Number, or New Form Number.  As an example, let's look at one particular form and give each of the names you may here in your office.

This form is known as the "Client Contact and Information Request."  It is used when you need specific verification from a client - to ensure that they have it in writing.  The new form number is 08AD092E but will often be known around your office as an ADM-92, or 92 for short.

Form Name: Client Contact and Information Request

Form Number: 08AD092E

Legacy Number: ADM-92

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