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DHS Offices

In order to fulfill its mission to provide public assistance to needy clients, DHS has two primary types of offices – County Offices and Support Centers.  What are these and what benefits do they bring to the agency?

DHS County Offices

When you think of the agency, the image in your mind is probably a County Office.  Workers in a County Office take applications for various types of benefits, interview clients face to face, and maintain cases for clients all over the State.  As a Social Services Specialist in a County Office, you will likely see clients face to face as well as work with clients over the phone.  In this electronic handbook, you will learn techniques to improve your skills working with clients and processing cases. 

DHS Support Centers 

DHS Support Centers and OKDHSLive! are integral to the operation of our agency.  The Support Center is a call center and a benefit processing center all rolled into one.  Support Centers are a recent addition to DHS and offer an additional way to serve our clients.  Support Centers answer calls for concerned clients across the State.  In addition, Support Centers process many of the midcertification renewalsand certification renewalsfor the counties that they service.  As a Social Services Specialist in a Support Center, you will not see clients in person; however, social work is possible by telephone and you will learn techniques to increase your effectiveness in the job.

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