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After AFS BIR staff establishes the overpayment, they notify the client.  The forms sent notify the household of their responsibility to repay the overpayment and explains the possible debt repayment methods.

The household is responsible for completing and returning the Food Benefit Repayment Agreement (Form 08OP118E*) within the appropriate timeframe.

The claim is considered delinquent within 30 calendar days of the date shown on the notice if the household does not do one of the following:

  • Pay the claim in full
  • Complete and return the Food Benefit Repayment Agreement. AFS BIR staff must approve the repayment plan proposed by the household.

The SNAP overpayment claim is not considered delinquent when, within 30 calendar days of the date shown on the notice, the:

  • Household's food benefit allotment reduction begins
  • Household is undergoing recoupment to repay a previous SNAP overpayment claim at the time AFS BIR staff mails the Notification of Overpayment notice

When allotment reduction stops because the SNAP benefit closes for any reason, the household must repay the debt in full or contact AFS BIR to request a repayment arrangement, within 30 calendar days of benefit closure.

*Form is internal only and can be found on the Infonet

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