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Repayment Options

The Notice of Overpayment (Form 08OP118E*) informs the client of available repayment options.

Repayment options include repaying the overpayment claim:

  • In one lump sum by
    • Personal check
    • Money Order
    • Cashier's check
    • EBT debit with a signed statement
  • In regular monthly installments, when they have an approved repayment agreement on file with AFS BIR
    • Payment can be made in the same methods as a lump sum
  • By authorizing a voluntary payment through a debit from the EBT Access account. 
    • Client or authorized representative must mail, fax, or email a signed statement to AFS BIR giving permission for the debit before BIR staff debits the account
  • By applying expunged food benefits toward the food benefit overpayment claim when known and identified
    • Expunged food benefits are benefits remaining in an EBT account the household hasn't accessed for at least one year
  • By court ordered restitution

*Form is internal only and can be found on the Infonet

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