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What are some reasons that I might submit an overpayment referral to BIR?

The household:

  • Failed to provide DHS with correct or complete information.
  • Failed to report changes in household circumstances.
  • Chose to continue to receive benefits pending a fair hearing* decision and is found ineligible or eligible for fewer benefits.
  • Trafficked SNAP food benefits.

You (or another worker):

  • Incorrectly calculated the household's income or deductions or otherwise issued an incorrect benefit allotment.
  • Failed to take prompt action on a change reported by the household.
  • Incorrectly applied policy or procedures that resulted in an over-issuance or issuing benefits to an ineligible household.
  • Incorrectly issued or renewed food benefits to an ineligible household.
  • Failed to reduce food benefits because the household's public assistance benefits changed, such as not changing the SNAP amount after a client starts receiving Section 8 housing assistance.

The computer system:

  • Incorrectly issued benefits to a household.

AFS Quality Control staff:

  • Discovered an over-issuance during a quality control (QC) review

Note – If an overpayment is discovered during a QC review, you will not be required to complete it.  The QC staff will complete the overpayment referral themselves.

OIG Investigative Unit:

  • Discovered an over-issuance.

*More on fair hearings coming soon.

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