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Disqualification Period

Disqualification Period
1st Violation 1 year
2nd Violation 2 years
3rd Violation Permanent
ADH decision finds that the person made a fraudulent statement with respect to identity or residence in order to receive multiple SNAP benefits 10 years

Note –Any person disqualified for intentional program violation prior to April 1, 1983, is considered to have one previous disqualification, regardless of the number of previous disqualifications.

When does the disqualification period begin?

The disqualification period begins the first possible month following the date that BIR staff mails the Program Penalty / Disqualification Notice (Form 08AD019E*).  Once the period begins, it runs continuously until the penalty ends, regardless of whether the household remains eligible for SNAP benefits during the person's disqualification period.

Clients must repay the SNAP overpayment claim regardless of any disqualification penalty imposed.  AFS BIR staff sends the Food Benefit Repayment Agreement (Form 08OP118E*) to notify the household of the need to make a repayment plan and the repayment options available to the client (hyperlink to repayment).

*Form is internal only and can be found on the Infonet

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