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​BIR Staff Role with Intentional Program Violation

When AFS BIR staff establishes and classifies an overpayment based on an intentional program violation or fraud, they:

  • Remove the disqualified person from the SNAP food benefit or closes the SNAP benefit on fraud when it is a one person household*
    • To ensure a household doesn't receive a benefit increase when a person is disqualified, AFS BIR staff codes the person as disqualified in FACS on the Household tab in the Interview Notebook
  • Mail Program Penalty / Disqualification Notice (Form 08AD019E**) to the household
  • Enter the following into the SNAP disqualification database –
    • Person's name
    • Date the disqualification began
    • Length of the disqualification period

After the person is entered, they will appear on the Food Stamp Disqualification (FSD) data exchange screen.

*You count the total gross income of the disqualified person in determining the remaining household members' eligibility.You should also count all deductions.More on disqualified households here.

**Form is internal only and can be found on the Infonet

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