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Agency Error

An agency error is caused by a DHS action (or failure to take action) created the over-issuance.  You may need to establish an overpayment claim if AFS staff:

  • Issued an incorrect benefit allotment
  • Incorrectly issued or renewed food benefits to an ineligible household
  • Incorrectly applied policy or procedure that resulted in an over-issuance or issuing benefits to an ineligible household
  • Failed to reduce food benefits because the household's public assistance benefits changed

An agency error is also issued if the computer system incorrectly issued benefits to a household.

The scenarios above are only examples. Other mistakes made by DHS would be considered an agency error.

Note - You can incorrectly apply a policy or procedure by not taking in to account memos issued that update our interpretation of policy in lieu of an upcoming policy change.

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