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TANF Work Activity

Parents or caretakers in a Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF) cash assistance payment unit are eligible for Child Care to perform TANF Work Activities. When you do not include a parent in the TANF cash assistance due to the illegal use of a controlled substance, you may approve a child receiving TANF for Child Care Subsidy to allow the parent to attend substance abuse treatment. When you do not include the parent in the TANF cash assistance because the parent receives SSI or SSP or does not possess a qualifying immigration status, the parent must perform another need factor to receive Child Care. A caretaker who you do not include in the TANF cash assistance payment unit may meet any other need factor to receive Child Care.

Who may qualify for Child Care?

You may approve one to two parents or caretakers to participate in TANF Work activities. The work activities you approve must match the work activities on the TANF Work/Personal Responsibility Agreement (Form 08TW002E or TW-2). Parents or caretakers not included in the TANF household or performing a TANF work activity must meet another acceptable need factor.   


For parents or caretakers participating in TANF, the client's Work Agreement serves as verification that the parent or caretaker agrees to participate in a TANF Work Activity. Depending on the type of activities included on Form 08TW002E or TW-2, you may also need to image another TANF Work form regarding the parent or caretaker's placement, a statement from the agency or school to which the parent or caretaker is assigned, or a class schedule.

When the parent or caretaker is not included in the TANF cash assistance payment unit, see the requirements of the need they are pursuing. When the Child Care request occurs outside of a TANF application or renewal, you must complete a Child Care application.

When the Child Care Request Is Not Made At Application or Renewal
When the parent or caretaker does not need child care at application or renewal, a child care request is not completed at that time or, if completed, is denied. This may occur when the parent or caretaker is temporarily incapacitated, there is another reason to delay placement in a TANF Work activity, or there is an alternate caregiver available at that time. When the parent or caretaker requests child care at a later time, a child care application MUST be completed and, if necessary, imaged to the case record at that time.  

Unit Type Approved

Approve the time the parent or caretaker needs to travel from the child care facility in the morning and to the child care facility after a TANF Work Activity ends. If there is more than one parent or caretaker in the household, approve only the time when both are meeting an approvable need.

FACS K16 Coding Options

Code the need factor in the FACS dropdown box K16. Use "for caretaker to obtain TANF substance abuse prevention." Video examples for coding the Auth Daycare tab and this block are available through Quest here and here.

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