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Scholarship Activities

Scholarships are a type of student aid that helps pay for the cost of college. Students do not repay these funds. The scholarship may originate with the school or with an outside organization. Some scholarships require the recipient to perform certain activities in order to maintain the scholarship. Some of these scholarship activities include but are not limited to playing a sport, performing in marching band, or attending a dinner with the donor. Child Care assistance may help pay for child care while a student performs these required activities.


In order to qualify for subsidized child care, you must obtain

  • verification from the school's financial aid office showing proof the student was awarded or qualified for the scholarship or the scholarship being disbursed and
  • verification from the organization awarding the scholarship showing the activities the student must complete and times (days and hours) they must spend to retain the scholarship.

Activities Approved

Approve the time the client needs to attend class and any required scholarship or classroom activities and to travel from the child care facility in the morning and to the child care facility after the classes and activities end.

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