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Satisfactory Progress

Students must make progress toward their educational goals. When clients are receiving Child Care assistance, you must check that each student is making satisfactory progress toward their degree or through his or her educational program at each renewal. The method you use to evaluate satisfactory progress varies depending on the course of study the client is pursuing.

​ ​ ​You verify satisfactory progress for
high school BY reconfirming the graduation date with the student at each renewal.​
high school equivalency, literacy, adult basic education, and English as a second language programs obtaining a statement from the school that shows:
  • how often the student attends class,
  • how long the student needs to complete the program, and
  • whether the school believes the student is making satisfactory progress.
a training or formal education program evaluating the student's schedule or, if questionable, by obtaining a statement from the school.
  • If the schedule does not show how the student is progressing, then contact the school or obtain a statement that shows whether the school believes the student is making satisfactory progress.
  • You may use evidence that the student is advancing to higher level courses, that he or she earned passing grades in the most recent semester, or that the school is approving them for further student aid as evidence they are making satisfactory progress.

If the student is not making satisfactory progress, do not approve Child Care at a certification or additional Child Care at a renewal. 

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