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Required Activities

We approve a parent or caretaker for the time it takes to attend class, to travel to and from class, and for any gaps between the first class and the last class each day. Some courses, however, require students to perform additional activities. You may approve additional time to cover activities specifically required for a class or a course of study outside of time already approved.

These activities may include:

  • an internship,
  • a practicum,
  • performing required volunteer hours,
  • lab time when an instructor is present, or
  • any other required activities

These activities do not include:

  • time spent in a computer lab to complete homework assignments,
  • lab time where an instructor is not present, or
  • study time.


We require verification that shows what additional activities the class or course of study requires in addition to classroom attendance. You must also verify what days and hours the student performs these additional activities.  

Activities Approved

Approve the time the client needs to attend class and any required scholarship or classroom activities and to travel from the child care facility in the morning and to the child care facility after the classes and activities end.

Example 1:

Todd is a nursing student. He is receiving Child Care for his 2-year-old daughter Malory. He calls you to ask for additional time to attend a Biology lab. He reports that his Biology class requires his attendance and that his instructor also attends. Should you reconsider the amount of Child Care that Todd receives?

Yes. You need to verify that the Biology course requires lab attendance, but after that, you must approve enough time to allow Todd to attend this required activity. In most instances, required lab times will be shown on the client's class schedule. 

Example 2:

Makenna applies for Child Care for her 8-year-old daughter Jaylen. Makenna is pursuing a bachelor's degree in Psychology. Finals are coming, and she explains that if she does not perform well the school might expel her. Several students from her Psychology class are studying together. She asks if she can receive Child Care benefits to drop Jaylen off at her child care provider to attend.

No. It really depends on when the study session occurs. When there are gaps between class times, you approve Child Care beginning with the first class and ending with the last class. If the study session falls into one of these gaps, then Makenna may use the already approved Child Care to study. But, do not approve additional time specifically for this study time. Study time is not a reason to grant additional Child Care. In this scenario, Makenna is asking if she can "drop Jaylen off" for the study session. This implies it does not fall into a previously approved time. Do not approve it.

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