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Reasonable Travel Time

Approve a reasonable amount of travel time for a parent or caretaker to perform a need activity. Ask the client how long it takes him or her to travel from the child care facility to work, school, or the training site and vice versa.  

Extenuating Circumstances

Extenuating circumstances are situations where you may have to approve more Child Care not based on when a client is meeting a need but based on the household's special circumstances.

Examples include but are not limited to

  • when a client rides with another person or uses public transportation in order to participate in their need activity,
  • when a client lives a long distance from his or her job,
  • when a client must work split shifts, or
  • when a client must stay overnight as a part of their work duties,

You must document any additional time you approve for these reasons in case notes and consult with your supervisor before approving time for split shifts or overnight care.

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