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Protective or Preventive Child Care

We may approve subsidized child care benefits to prevent a child's abuse, neglect, or exploitation. In these situations, the potential danger excuses the household either partially or entirely from performing an approved activity. We refer to these approvals as protective or preventive child care. This type of child care approval is always temporary, and you must begin working to reduce or eliminate the household's need for this benefit from your first contact. It also frequently demands you certify the benefit within 2 business days due to presumptive eligibility. As in all situations involving the potential abuse, neglect, or exploitation, you must complete a Child Welfare referral when necessary. Child Welfare’s phone number is 1-800-522-3511.

Approved scenarios

You must identify situations where a household might need subsidized child care to accomplish these goals. Policy provides a list of examples where you may approve protective or preventive child care. This is not an all-inclusive list. 

You may approve subsidized child care when

  • a parent or caretaker requests child care because a medical condition prevents a parent or caretaker from properly caring for a child,
  • a family whose home was damaged or destroyed by a natural disaster requests child care,
  • a Comprehensive Home-Base Services (CHBS) agency contracting with CWS recommends child care for a non-court involved family, or

If your client's situation is not included in this list, you may contact the Child Care Subsidy to see if you client's situation qualifies for protective or preventive child care.

Note: AFS does not approve Child Care when there is an open Child Welfare case. This includes when there is a Safety Plan. If there is an open Child Welfare case, direct the client to a Child Welfare worker who can process the benefit.
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