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Approving protective or preventive child care

Protective and preventive child care allows two different types of certifications: a 30 day certification and a 12-month certification.

  • For a 12-month approval, you must additionally obtain a statement from a professional working with the family and the approval of Child Care Subsidy staff.

30-day approvals: 

If an applicant describes a protective or preventive situation during the interview, you may approve the household for 30 calendar days. Households for whom a Comprehensive Home-Based Services (CHBS) agency recommends Child Care receive a zero-dollar copayment. Except for these households, protective or preventive status does not automatically eliminate the need to count the household's income. It also does not eliminate your responsibility to apply the household composition rules. It may, however, lead to presumptive eligibility, so you may often approve the household within 2 business days of the interview.

12-month approvals:

You must begin preparing for a 12 month approval when you first interview the applicant. Evaluate the household's available resources and any free alternatives to child care.

  1. You must also explain that protective and preventive care is temporary and begin developing a plan to eliminate the household's need for this benefit.
  1. Households who want to extend their approval beyond 30 days must obtain a statement from a professional working with the family and receive approval from the Child Care Subsidy staff. If the household did have it at interview, use a Client Contact and Information Request Form (08AD092E or ADM-92) to ask for this verification.
  1. Once you receive the professional's statement, scan any documents into Imaging and label these items with "Protective/Preventive Request" in the Details field.
How do I code the Protective or Preventive Child Care? Coding instructions for a Protective or Preventive case are in Quest.
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