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Activities that do not meet the need requirement

You cannot approve Child Care for a parent or caretaker

  • taking online or television-based courses where the client does not have to attend live broadcasts,
  • taking undergraduate courses or other training that does not lead to a degree or certificate,
  • attending postgraduate courses,
  • attending a formal education or training program in a two parent or caretaker household where both parents or caretakers attend at the same time,
  • seeking transportation only,
  • attending volunteer hours or jury duty,
  • seeking care during school hours when the client chooses to homeschool their children at night, or
  • providing foster care and does not meet the eligibility rules per 340:75-7-65.

Document in case notes when the parent is performing a non-qualifying activity that affects how much Child Care you are approving or that explains why you are not approving Child Care.

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