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Need Factor

You must determine when parents or caretakers meet the need factor. You may approve Child Care when a parent or caretaker performs certain activities or qualifies based on the household's circumstances. When a parent or caretaker is performing an approvable activity or the household has circumstances that qualify it for Child Care, we refer to the household as meeting the need factor.

The reason child care is needed determines what process you follow and what verification you need in order to approve a household. Additionally, the number of parents or caretakers in a household places limits on what activities either parent or caretaker in a two parent or caretaker household can pursue.

Policy covers Establishing the need factor for child care at 340:40-7-7 and Defining the need factor for child care at 340:40-7-8.

​Where do I find the rules governing households with two parents or caretakers in the household? The Handbook covers these situations here, and Policy handles it at 340:40-7-7.
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