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Natural Disaster

Protective or preventive child care excuses the household from participating in an approved activity when a natural disaster damages or destroys their home.

What counts as a natural disaster?

A natural disaster includes situations where the household's home is lost or damaged by circumstances outside of their control. It includes but is not limited to losses from fire, flood, tornado, earthquake, hurricane, lightning, and a natural gas explosion.  

Unit Type Approved

Grant this need factor based on the household's situation, not any activity they are performing. When you determine that a natural disaster displaced a household, approve the family for a weekly or blended unit type for 30 days. Choose the blended unit type for the school-aged children in the household and weekly for all other children in the household.

FACS K16 Coding Options

Code the need factor in the FACS dropdown box K16. Use "prevention of or protection from abuse, neglect and/or exploitation." Video examples for coding this block are available through Quest here and here. Quest also provides specific instructions for coding protective or preventive approvals. Click here to access the instructions.

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