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High School Students

Parents or caretakers may attend high school to meet the need requirement. Earning a high school degree increases a client's job opportunities, helps them earn higher pay, and allows them to pursue college.

Who may qualify?

You may approve Child Care for two parents or caretakers who are attending high school for each household. If there is more than one parent or caretaker in the household, one parent or caretaker can attend high school while the other performs employment or attends a formal education or training program during the same hours.

What type of high school students may receive Child Care?

A high school student is a person who attends a physical high school at required class times. An instructor provides instruction during these classes. It does not apply to students who are pursuing high school equivalency, taking self-paced classes over the internet, or home schooling.


The household must verify each student's enrollment, class schedule, and graduation date prior to certification and at renewal.

Need Approved

Approve only the time the student needs to attend class and to travel from the child care facility in the morning and to the child care facility after classes end.

FACS K16 Coding Options

Code the need factor in the FACS dropdown box K16. Use either "for caretaker to obtain education" or "for caretaker to retain employment and obtain education." Video examples for coding the Auth Daycare tab and this block are available through Quest here and here. K16 is the reason field.

Example 1:

Kody, aged 16, and Kaylee, aged 18, are raising their 9-month-old son Kaiser. Both are currently attending high school. Kaylee's mother watches Kaiser but has encouraged them to find other options. Kaylee applies for Child Care. Are both parents meeting the need requirement?

Yes. Both Kody and Kaylee are performing an approvable need by attending high school.

Example 2:

Luis, aged 17, applies for Child Care for his 2-year-old daughter. Luis reports he is homeschooling himself in order to complete his high school degree. Can you approve Luis for Child Care?

No. You cannot approve Child Care for the time students are engaged in self-paced or home-based programs.

Example 3:

Raquel and Troy apply for Child Care for their 2-year-old twin boys. Raquel stopped attending high school and began classes for her GED. Troy continues to attend high school. Raquel's attends classes from 9 AM to 12 PM, Monday through Friday. These times occur at the same time Troy is in school. Is this household performing an approvable need?

No. As a single parent household, you could consider either Raquel or Troy to be meeting the need requirement. But, since they are in a two parent household, they cannot perform this combination of needs. You cannot approve Child Care for Raquel to attend high school equivalency classes while Troy pursues high school. Raquel can pursue employment, a formal education, or training program to qualify for Child Care.

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