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High School Equivalency

Students seeking high school equivalency do not complete high school. Instead, they enroll in coursework that will enable them to pass a test to demonstrate they possess knowledge equivalent to a high school graduate. Possible tests include the High School Equivalency Exam (HISET), General Educational Development (GED), or the Test Assessing Secondary Completion (TASC). Like a high school degree, passing this test increases a client's job opportunities, helps them earn higher pay, and allows them to pursue higher education.

Who may qualify for Child Care?

You may approve only one parent or caretakerto pursue high school equivalency classes. The other parent or caretaker must perform employment during the same hours.

What types of programs may qualify for Child Care?

In order to receive Child Care, the program preparing the student to take an equivalency test must require the student to attend classes where an instructor is present. It does not cover self-paced, computer-based courses. If the class has open enrollment and no end date, the household must also provide proof of progress as well as how progress is measured.


The household must verify each student's enrollment, class schedule, and the program's completion date prior to certification.

At renewal, you must confirm that the student is making satisfactory progress and reconfirm the student's schedule.

Need Approved

Approve only the time the student needs to attend class and to travel from the child care facility in the morning and to the child care facility after classes end.

FACS K16 Coding Options

Code the need factor in the FACS dropdown box K16. Use either "for caretaker to obtain education" or "for caretaker to retain employment and obtain education." Video examples for coding the Auth Daycare tab and this block are available through Quest here and here. K16 is the reason field.

Example 1:

Regina, a new mother, wants to attend GED class at the local community college. Her relatives, however, report they cannot watch her 9-month-old son Micah. She comes to the county office to apply for Child Care. She provides a schedule that shows she will attend class from 12 PM to 1 PM and from 2 PM to 4 PM, Monday and Wednesday. She needs 15 minutes to get to school. She wants to begin class next Monday. Does she meet the need requirement for Child Care? If so, when does she meet the need requirement?

Yes, Regina meets the need requirement by attending a high school equivalency classes. Starting with her first day of class, her need runs from 11:45 AM to 4:15 PM, Monday and Wednesday. 

Example 2:

Olympia and Rupert apply for Child Care for their 3-year-old daughter Penelope. Rupert is attending GED classes at the local community college, and Olympia has begun a self-paced high school equivalency program online. Rupert's program requires classroom attendance. Does this household meet the need requirements?

No. Olympia and Rupert cannot both attend a high school equivalency program to meet the need requirement. One of them must perform employment. Additionally, you cannot approve Olympia's high school equivalency program because it is self-paced. All high school equivalency programs must require attendance in a classroom with an instructor in order to qualify.

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