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Applicants may receive subsidized child care to develop the social skills of Supplemental Security Income (SSI) recipients. The goal is to prepare SSI recipients for group and classroom settings.

In order to receive Child Care for this reason, the following conditions must apply.

  • The child's parent or caretaker does not meet another need requirement for Child Care.
  • The child seeking care must receive SSI benefits.
  • The child must not have begun or is unable to attend school or Head Start.
  • A professional, working with the child, writes a statement explaining how the child benefits from attending child care.
  • The child must receive care outside of the child's home and at least one other child must attend the child care facility during the same hours.
Note: For a child who qualifies for Head Start, Head Start may prove more beneficial to the client than Enrichment. A child attending Head Start can go to child care more days each week than a child in approved for Enrichment.

Verification Required

You must receive the Child Care Subsidy's approval before certifying a child for enrichment. Child Care Subsidy staff checks for the professional's statement and documentation that the household and child meet all other enrichment criteria.

Other Potential Verification
  • Case notes showing how the household does not qualify for any other need factor.
  • If the SDX screen is not showing payments, verification includes imagining the child's SSI award letter or other appropriate documentation.
  • If the child is school-aged, image documentation from the school showing the child cannot attend class. 

After imaging all required verification, email Child Care Subsidy.

Email Requirements

Your email includes the name of the child care facility the child wants to attend and an explanation of how the child seeking enrichment meets the enrichment criteria.

Unit Type Restrictions

You may approve a child for full-time or part-time care, but approvals may not exceed 2 days per week/10 days per month.

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