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Eligible associate or bachelor's degrees

Most colleges and universities employ a regular course numbering system. This practice helps you confirm the client is participating in an eligible associate or bachelor's program. During the interview, ask what degree the client is pursuing, and record their response in case notes. Accept the client's statement unless other verification contradicts it.

When a student verifies his or her schedule and it includes the client's course number, check the course numbers listed on the schedule against the client's statement.

Generally, the first number in the course number indicates what level the course is:

  • a one for freshmen level courses,
  • a two for sophomore level courses,
  • a three for junior level courses, and
  • a four for senior level courses.

If the school uses a unique numbering system, you may find an explanation of it on the school's website.  

If you spot postgraduate courses (course numbers beginning with a 5 or 6), resolve the discrepancy before moving forward. You may need to call the student's school or consult the school's website.

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