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Early Head Start-Child Care Partnership or Oklahoma Early Childhood Program

A child's participation in an Early Head Start-Child Care Partnership (EHS-CCP) or Oklahoma Early Childhood Program (OECP) curriculum affects the unit type and the countable income for Child Care. An EHS-CCP or OECP facility receives funding to expand the access and quality of early learning available to low-income children. We adjust the Child Care requirements to support these early learning activities.


You must first determine if a facility participates in the EHS-CCP or OECP. Review the list of approved EHS-CCP and OECP facilities to determine if a facility is participating.  Every approved EHS-CCP will have a contract number that begins with a 3. The OECP facilities have a contract that begins with a 35. For example, 30001 is EHP-CCP contract number for Aunt Jackie's in Tulsa, and 35000 is the OECP contract number for Crosstown Learning Center.

The Child attending EHS-CCP or OECP

When a child attends an EHS-CCP or OECP, you must approve the child for a weekly 5 even if his or her parents or caretakers do not meet a need that justifies this schedule. The parents or caretakers must meet a need factor for some of the hours the child attends the EHS-CCP or OECP in order for the child to automatically qualify for a weekly 5. For examples, see the EHS-CCP and OECP Scenarios Quest article


  • It also does not permit a weekly 5 when a child needs care from two different providers. See the two different provider coding instructions in Quest.

Non-EHS-CCP or OECP Children in the Household

When there are any children who do not participate in the EHS-CCP  or OECP curriculum in the household, they receive a unit type based on when the parents or caretakers in the household are meeting an approvable need factor.


When a child attends an EHS-CCP or OECP, you must exempt a household's income. In order to qualify, the household must qualify for Child Care based on their income and at least one child must attend an EHS-CCP or OECP program. When a household meets both criteria, divert the household's income for all children seeking care.

Where do I find instructions for Coding FACS for EHS-CCP or OECP households? Quest provides a video that shows how to code a weekly unit type here. The Handbook contains instructions on how to divert a household's income.  
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