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Daycare Email

After collecting all required verification, email Child Care Subsidy prior to certifying protective or preventive child care.

Your email must include:

  • how the household's circumstances lead to a risk of neglect, abuse, or exploitation,
  • how child care eliminates or substantially reduces the risk to a child in the household,
  • the names and ages of all children in the household,
  • the days and hours each child needs care,
  • how the household plans to reduce or eliminate the need for subsidized care,
  • an explanation of why the support system available to the family cannot meet their need,
  • an explanation of why the family cannot use any free alternatives to child care,
  • how long the household needs subsidized child care,
  • any circumstances that might excuse the household from paying a copayment,
  • how long you believe the household must be excused from paying a copayment,
  • whether you made a Child Welfare referral and, if not, why you did not feel it was necessary,
  • how you are coordinating your efforts with Child Welfare Services and any other community partners (SoonerStart, mental health services, homeless agencies, etc.), and
  • your opinion about whether Child Care Subsidy should approve child care.
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