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Formal Education Program

College-educated individuals earn more and are less likely to become unemployed. Earning a college degree may allow a person to better support their family and themselves. Making time to attend class or any other required activities may prove difficult when having to care for a child.

Who may qualify for Child Care?

You may approve Child Care when one parent or caretaker in each household is pursuing an eligible associate or bachelor's program. In a two parent or caretaker household, the second parent or caretaker must work or attend high school during the same time in order to meet the need factor.

What programs might qualify for Child Care?

Only those individuals who are pursuing an associate or bachelor's degree that qualifies for federal or state financial aid may receive Child Care. Postgraduate programs, including master's or doctoral programs, do not qualify. The classes must require the student to attend classes where an instructor is present. It does not cover self-paced, computer-based courses. An internet or television-based class is acceptable only if it involves a live broadcast where attendance is mandatory and an instructor is present.  


The household must verify the parent's or caretaker's enrollment, class schedule, and the student's graduation date.

At renewal, you must confirm that the student is making satisfactory progress, and reconfirm the student's schedule and graduation date.

Need Approved

Approve the time the client needs to attend class and to travel from the child care facility in the morning and to the child care facility after classes end. When there are gaps between classes, approve care beginning from the start of the first class to the end of last class each day. You may also approve students pursuing an associate or bachelor's degree for activities required to maintain a scholarship or to pass a course. A student is meeting the need factor during any school breaks as long as the student provides verification of continuing enrollment. 

FACS K16 Coding Options

Code the need factor in the FACS dropdown box K16. Use either "for caretaker to obtain education" or "for caretaker to retain employment and obtain education." Video examples for coding the Auth Daycare tab and this block are available through Quest here and here. K16 is the reason field.

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