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Adult literacy, adult basic education, and English as a Second Language students

Adult literacy, adult basic education, and English as a second language students need instruction to improve their employability.

Who may qualify for Child Care?

You may approve one parent or caretaker per household to take these classes. The other parent or caretaker must work during the same hours to meet the need factor.

What types of programs qualify for Child Care?

In order to receive Child Care, the adult literacy, adult basic education, or English as a second language, the student must take classes that require him or her to attend classes where an instructor is present. Self-paced, computer-based courses do not qualify.


The household must verify each student's enrollment, class schedule, and the course's end date prior to certification. If the class has open enrollment and no end date, the household must also provide proof of progress as well as an explanation of how progress is measured.

At renewal, confirm that the student attends class regularly and is making satisfactory progress. You must reconfirm the student's schedule and the courses' end date.

Need Approved

Approve only the time the student needs to attend class and to travel from the child care facility in the morning and to the child care facility after classes end.

FACS K16 Coding Options

Code the need factor in the FACS dropdown box K16. Use either "for caretaker to obtain education" or "for caretaker to retain employment and obtain education." Video examples for coding the Auth Daycare tab and this block are available through Quest here and here. K16 is the reason field.

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