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Child Care Need

Who is in the household?

You must first determine which people are currently living in the household. You cannot determine the household's need for Child Care until you know who is in the household.

Does the household meet the need factor?

After determining the household’s composition, determine whether a parent or caretaker meets the need factor. The need factor refers to how a parent or caretaker can qualify for Child Care. The need factor includes reasons for which a parent or caretaker performs a required activity or meets certain criteria. In a two parent or two caretaker household, each parent or caretaker must meet an appropriate need factor during the same time in order for the household to qualify for Child Care.

When does the household meet the need factor?

The time we approve for a parent or caretaker to meet the need factor includes time to complete the approved need activity and reasonable travel time. When the parent or caretaker attends college or training, you may also approve activities outside of the classroom required by course or scholarship requirements. The time you approve for care may be different in shared custody situations or when a child attends an Early Head Start-Child Care Partnerships (EHS-CCP) or Oklahoma Early Childhood Program (OECP) facility. We do not approve care for the hours a child attends school or Head Start/Early Head State outside of the EHS-CCP or OECP. The need factor is not met when a mandatory care alternative is available or for non-qualifying activities. For households where two parents or caretakers live, approve care only when both parents or caretakers meet the need factor during the same days and hours.

What unit type and how many units do you assign?

Based on this information, compile a schedule that shows when each child needs Child Care. Use this schedule to assign the unit type and number of units for each child.

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