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Supplemental Security Income

Supplemental Security Income (SSI) is a federal income supplement program. It provides cash to help aged, blind, or disabled people.

Predetermined Eligible Criteria

To establish that a child is pre-determined eligible, you must confirm

  1. the child applying for Child Care receives at least one dollar of SSI and
  2. the person applying for Child Care is the child’s SSI payee.

To determine if a child receives SSI, you may check the IMS SDX screen or review the client’s award letter. When the client does not have an award letter and SDX does not show SSI income, you may use TPQYC to ask Social Security to update the SDX screen. You may also call Social Security to confirm the child’s SSI income and payee. You may use this website to find the contact number for the client’s Social Security office.

If the person applying is not the SSI payee, do not consider the child to be predetermined eligible. The Social Security Administration did not base the child’s SSI eligibility on that person’s income. In this instance, you must verify the person’s income when determining the child’s eligibility for Child Care Subsidy.

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