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Countable Income

Use a self-employed person's income verification to determine his or her countable income. Ask the client how often the self-employed person receives pay, what period of time this income covers, and how representative this income is of future income during the interview. When a self-employed person's income substantially changes, use whatever income verification best predicts the person's future earnings.

Policy outlines how to handle income from a new, monthly, seasonal, and annualized self-employment. When a person has worked less than a year, use the income calculations for new self-employment. When a person plans to only work part of the year, use the income calculation for seasonal or annualized self-employment. Use the monthly income calculation for all other self-employed persons.

FACS Coding

Code the countable net self-employment amount in F64, and case note how you determined the countable amount. Do not record business expenses in F66.

A FACS screenshot highlighting the F64 block.

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