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On-the-job training

Income from on-the-job training counts as earned income. This income includes when a person 19 years of age or older performs on-the-job training through section 3(44) of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act. This does not include classroom or institutional training or intern assignments sponsored by WIOA, even when an hourly amount is paid for the training. The income earned by those under 19 years of age and who participate in any WIOA of federally-funded workforce training program is exempt.

Countable Amount

Child Care uses the gross monthly pay amount to determine eligibility.


Use the best available pay verification for the client's situation.

FACS Coding

Enter the countable income amount in FACS block F68. See the MICAL instructions to enter in a value for this block.

A screen shot highlighting the F68 block.

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