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Domestic Volunteer Services Act Programs

Congress passed the Domestic Volunteer Services Act with the goal of fostering volunteerism. Congress created volunteer programs in the first two titles of this Act. Title I covers Volunteers in Service to America, University Year for Action, and Urban Crime Prevention Program. Title II covers the Retired and Senior Volunteer Program, Foster Grandparents, and Senior Companion Program. Participants may receive a stipend, a living allowance, and expense reimbursements depending on the program in which they participate.

Countable Income

You do not generally count the payments from these programs as income. Payments only count when the client participates in a Title I program and receives payments equal to or greater than the Oklahoma minimum wage. After you receive income verification, divide the gross monthly payment amount by the hours worked monthly to convert the monthly payment amount to an hourly rate.

When this equals or exceeds the minimum wage, count the gross monthly income.

When this is less than the minimum wage, do not count the gross monthly income from this source.


For Title I programs, you must verify the monthly payment amount and how many hours the client is working. Use the best available verification according to the client's situation.

FACS Coding

Enter the countable income amount in FACS block F68. See the MICAL instructions to enter in a value for this block.

A screen shot highlighting the F68 block.

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