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Dividends, interest, minerals, and royalties

Dividend, interest, mineral rights income, and royalty income provide income in exchange for the use of some asset. Dividends are the distribution of corporate earnings to shareholders. Interest is payments to a lender for use of the lender's funds. Mineral rights and royalty income can often involve the payments for mineral resources.

Countable Income

You must determine the gross monthly income from these sources. Income from these sources is unearned income.


When the income is regular, use verification of the gross monthly income from the most recent month. When the income does not come every month, verify the last 12 months of income from these sources. You may have to use the client's tax documents.

FACS Coding

Select "Dividends/Interest/Royalties" in the F99 dropdown box, and enter the gross monthly pay amount in F98 field.

A FACS screenshot highlighting the F98 and F99 blocks.

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