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Best Available Income Verification

The client must report all sources of income at application, renewal, and when the household's income exceeds the income threshold. Policy directs you to verify the household's income using the best available information and document how you determined income in case notes. Follow these guidelines in order to obtain the best available verification.

  • For ongoing income, verify the most recent 30 calendar days.
  • When the client has not received at least 30 days of income, use whatever records best establish the income already received and expected for future months.
  • When the income fluctuates to the extent that the most recent month of income verification does not provide an accurate representation of future income, you may request and use a longer period of income.
  • When the client's income terminates or significantly changes, do not use past pay amounts to anticipate future income.
  • Terminated income only counts in the month the client receives it.  
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