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Alimony is a court-ordered payment to an ex-spouse. These payments seek to ensure both parties have adequate income after a court dissolves a marriage.

Countable Amount

Use the monthly gross income. Use the average of the last 60 days of income verification if it is available and representative. If it is not available or representative, use the income that best predicts the household's alimony income.


You must verify the gross pay amounts received in the last 60 calendar days unless the payments follow a variable or sporadic pattern. When these patterns occur, you may average a person's alimony payments over a longer period of time. When you do not use the last 60 days of income, case note why the last 60 days does not reflect the household member's future income.

Obtain a copy of any court orders. Speak to the person providing this assistance, or obtain a written statement detailing the pay dates and amounts.

FACS Coding

Select "Alimony" in the F99 dropdown box, and enter the gross monthly pay amount in F98 field.

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