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Adopted Children Income Exemption

Foster children adopted through DHS or federally-recognized Native American tribes may receive Child Care regardless of the household’s income when the adopted child is less than 6 years old.

A child qualifies for this income exemption when you receive

  • a fully executed Adoption Assistance Agreement (Form 04AN002E),
  • a Post Adoption Child Care Referral (Form 04AN033E),
  • the Final Decree of Adoptions, and
  • a copy of the adoptive parent’s identity.

This exclusion of the household’s income lasts until the adopted child turns 6 years old or the parent or child are no longer Oklahoma residents. When the child turns 6 during the eligibility period, the income remains exempt until the next renewal is due.

This exclusion does not excuse the adoptive parents from meeting the need factor.

Any other children in a household who need Child Care and do not qualify to have income excluded must receive care through a separate case.

Where do I find information about coding FACS when adopted children are in the household? Policy and the Handbook cover this information.
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