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Setting up to Two Cases—Predetermined Eligible

When a child is predetermined eligible (a child who receives SSI, SSP, TANF, or RRP cash assistance), do not count any household income toward that child's eligibility. If the household needs Child Care for a predetermined-eligible child and an income-eligible child, you must use two cases. Create an income-exempt case and an income-eligible case.

​ ​Setting up Two Cases: Predetermined Eligibility
Income Exempt Case ​                  
  • Code the income-exempt child as "added to the benefit section" in the F25 Status dropdown box.
  • Code the predetermined parent as “income and resources not considered for benefit computation—individual not included.” You may code the parent’s income on the case if necessary for another program.
  • When a child with disabilities receives Child Care on a D or B case, other children without disabilities in the household must receive Child Care on a separate C or H case. They must NOT receive Child Care on the D or B case with the child with disabilities or blindness.
  • When there is more than one child in the household receiving SSI, each child with disabilities or blindness must receive Child Care on their own individual D  or B case.
  • When a household receives TANF or Refugee Resettlement Program cash assistance, there should not be a reason to create an income-eligible case unless all household members are not included in the income-exempt case.
​Income Eligible Case ​             
  • Code the income eligible child who needs care as "added to the benefit section" in the F25 Status dropdown box.
  • Add all household members who are not receiving Child Care on the income eligible case. This includes the predetermined eligible child. Select the "income/resources are considered in benefit computation-individual not included" from the F25 Status dropdown box.
  • Code the household members' income on the Income tab. Include any household Supplemental Security Income and State Supplemental Payments. 
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