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TANF and OK SNAP Works Need Factor Closures

When a person receiving TANF-related child care or a person receiving child care to participate in OK SNAP Works stops meeting a need factor, you must close the Child Care benefit 90 calendar days from the date the client stopped meeting a need factor. This means if the client stopped meeting a need factor on May 12th and you discovered the non-participation on June 1st, you will close the child care effective August 10th (90 days from May 12th).

When the client receives a 90 day child care closure and asks to change his or her child care provider during this time, do not approve care at the new provider. If the client starts meeting a need factor within 30 days of the closure, a new application is not required. You may reopen the child care and, if needed, change child care providers at that time.

TANF Closes or OK SNAP Works Participation Ends and Client Meets a Need Factor 

When TANF closes or OK SNAP Works participation ends and the client continues to meet a need factor, child care stays open unless the client's income exceeds the income standard on Appendix C-4. Typically this occurs when the client obtains employment and is no longer eligible to receive TANF or no longer needs to participate in OK SNAP Works. In these situations, the client's copayment does not increase until the child care renewal is due. If the renewal is due, you must complete the child care renewal and assign or increase the copayment, if needed, prior to continuing child care.

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