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Reopening Benefits

After a Child Care benefit closes, you may reopen it within 30 days of the closure effective date. You must determine if reopening the case is appropriate.

  • If the renewal is due, the client must complete the renewal before you may approve more care and reopen the benefit.

  • If you receive new information that shows the household’s continued eligibility or realize we closed the benefit in error, reopen the benefit within 10 calendar days. Use the same eligibility information on the system prior to closure. This means the household must have the same copayment and unit type and units as it did before the closure.

When you determine reopening the benefit is appropriate, use the Quest instructions for reopening the case here. You have 10 calendar days from when the client submits the all required verification that allows you to reopen the benefit. When you fail to reopen Child Care timely, you must enter a new authorization; do not reopen the existing authorization.

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