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Is verification missing?

Check if the household submitted all required verification. When the verification submitted by the household is incomplete, case note what verification is missing and contact the client to inform them what you need.

Below is a list of some common verification required at renewal.

For income, use the best available income verification for the type of income the household receives. The Handbook addresses the verification requirements for employment, self-employment, and unearned income in these sections.

The household needs to submit a schedule when the client is attending school or training or when the client’s declared work schedule is not supported by income verification. Remember to give a caretaker who is not legally or financially responsible or an adoptive parent whose income does not count the choice to provide income verification and declare a schedule or to provide a schedule. The client may also need to submit verification of satisfactory progress or of the child’s continued need for enrichment or protective or preventive child care.

Child Support
Obtain updated documentation of court-ordered child support obligations.

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