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Renewal Requirement

Each Child Care household must complete a renewal every 12 months to redetermine eligibility.

Unless Child Care must synchronize with SNAP, the renewal is due every 12 months. The system sends a Renew My Benefits notice to the household reminding them to complete a renewal before eligibility expires. The household must complete the renewal and provide any required verification by the end of the month that follows the expiration of the eligibility period.

Client Responsibilities
The renewal does not require a new interview. The client must however access and submit the online renewal through OKDHSLive! or complete and sign the Renew My Benefits (Form 08MP004E or FSS-BR-1). Accept a completed and signed Request for Benefits (Form PS-1 and 08MP001E) and Rights, Responsibilities, and Signature for Benefits (Form 08MP003e and FSS-1-B) in place of the Renew My Benefits form. The household must also provide verification that shows the household’s continued eligibility.

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