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What changed?

You must determine if the household’s situation has changed at the renewal. Update FACS with this information in order to determine eligibility.

Determine if the household composition changed. Have household members left the household? Have new people joined the household? Has the household neglected to list a household member? After resolving who is in the household, update the FACS tab to reflect the household’s current composition.

Determine what income the household receives. What do the data exchange screens and ACES show regarding the household’s income? Has any income stopped or started recently? After resolving what income the household will receive going forward, update FACS with this information.

Remember when a client has new income for the first or second month of a new eligibility period to use Remedy to process this income correctly.

Determine if the parent or caretaker meets the need factor. Are the parent(s) or caretaker(s) meeting the need factor? If the household continues to meet an acceptable need factor, update FACS coding and case notes with the correct information.

Determine resource eligibility. Are household resources still below $1,000,000?

Determine if the household pays child support. Obtain updated documentation of the household’s court-ordered child support obligations and payments.

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