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Changing providers

When a client wants to change child care providers, determine what provider the client wishes to use and what day the child will begin attending the new daycare.

Ideally, the client will provide the provider’s contract number. But, you can often find the contract number for the client. If the client gives you the provider’s phone number, you may call the child care provider to get the contract number. If the client knows the provider’s address, you can use the Child Care Locator to search for the provider’s contract number.

Verification Received
Once you know the provider’s contract number and when the child began or will begin attending the new provider, you must change the provider in FACS. See the Quest Instructions for a Provider Change for coding information.

Copayment Issues

When a client switches providers, the client may have paid the copayment to the original provider. A provider’s point-of-service machine shows the entire copayment for the month—not the amount the client owes. The new provider will not know how much, if any, to collect from the client until he or she receives the Totals Report for the first week of care. Until the provider knows how much the client owes, the new provider may (1) require the client to pay the entire copayment or (2) accept a receipt from the client showing how much the client paid the previous provider and wait for the Totals Report to confirm the amount the client owes. If the client pays more than he or she owes to the new provider, the provider must reimburse the client. When the provider refuses to reimburse the client, notify Child Care Subsidy

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