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Needing More Approved Hours

A client who wants an increase in the number of approved hours must verify when each parent or caretaker is meeting the need factor.


The verification the household submits depends on the need factor the parent(s) or caretaker(s) are meeting. The Handbook discusses what Policy requires for each need factor in the Need chapter.

Verification Received

Once the client submits verification, reevaluate the household's need for Child Care and document the result in FACS case notes.

Increased Need: Update FACS to reflect the correct number of units and unit type when the time the household meets the need factor has increased. This change becomes effective based on whether the household reported the change timely or not.

Decreased Need: When verification shows the household needs fewer child care hours, do not decrease the number of hours the household receives until the renewal month. 

When you learn a child approved for a weekly 5 unit type begins to attend school and meets the definition of the blended rate, adjust the weekly unit type to a blended unit type. This change is not considered a decrease in benefits.

Verification Not Received

Do not increase the household's unit type or the number units approved when verification has not been received. The amount of Child Care approved is not changed until the household provides proof of their increased need.

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