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Income Changes

You may learn of a change in the household's income when the household or an outside source (such as G1DX edit) reports it. After a household reports a change in income, verify the household's income before taking action.

Required Verification

When the household reports a decrease in income, you must verify the income reduction before removing or reducing the income on the system. You must have actual income to update income for the current or previous months. You must use anticipated and available income for future months. If you make a change for the current month after the EBT-4 deadline date, you must send EBT-4 (Form 10EB004E, Report of Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) Child Care Payment Adjustments) to Finance.

Note: ​Be aware that the EBT-4 deadline date is not the same as the Appendix B-2 Negative Action date. You will find the EBT-4 deadline date in this Quest article, and it explains when you must submit an EBT-4.

Verification Received

When the household provides verification, update the FACS Income tab for each household member whose income is changing, and submit the change with the appropriate effective date on the Child Care tab. The system detects when the new information exceeds the income threshold and will give you an edit advising you to close the benefit. When the change increases the household income but it is below the maximum income threshold, the system will accept the income information and hold the change, but the copay will not be increased until the next renewal is due. When a parent or caretaker stops working or loses employment during the eligibility period, do not close the benefit or reduce the number of hours approved for Child Care.

Verification Not Received

If the household fails to provide verification, do not change the household's Child Care eligibility. You will evaluate whether the household owes an overpayment at the renewal.

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