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Eligibility at Renewal

After you receive the renewal and any required verification, you must determine if you need to change the amount of care approved.

​Best practice: Please make every effort to ensure the benefit renewal is completed before deadline so that the benefit does not close.

Completing the renewal

The renewal is complete after you

  1. enter all renewal information into FACS;

  2. evaluate the information provided on the renewal, from verification, and from the data exchange screens;

  3. add case notes to explain any changes made and how you determined eligibility;

  4. submit the appropriate changes in the system; and 

  5. image the Renew My Benefits (Form 08MP004E or FSS-BR-1) and verification submitted by the household.

Renewing Child Care
When you approve the household using the new eligibility information, this information sets the baseline for the next eligibility period. Quest provides instructions to reopen the Child Care benefit and process a Child Care renewal. The system automatically generates the appropriate notices.

New income at renewal 

You may have to submit a Remedy ticket when the client starts receiving new income. Use Remedy if the client will receive her or his first, full paycheck in the first or second month of the new eligibility period.

Before sending the Remedy Ticket

  • code the existing Child Care authorization with an employment need factor,

  • divert the full anticipated income from the new employment,

  • code the Effective Date for the first of the month in the new eligibility period, and

  • code the Effective Months (E6) as “99.”

The Remedy Ticket must explain what the actual income is for each month and what the ongoing anticipated income will be. The actual income may be necessary for the second or third month of eligibility.

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