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Effective Date Exceptions

When a client wants to change the provider a child is using, to add a child to household, or to remove a child from the household, the normal rules that govern when a change becomes effective do not apply. The following table describes how to handle these exceptions.


​Types of changes ​Effective Date ​FACS Coding
​Child care provider ​Update FACS to reflect the date the child began attending the new child care. You will approve for the date the child began attending regardless of whether it was reported timely. ​From the Auth Daycare tab, you must create a new authorization for the provider the child is going to attend and close the old authorization. From the Child Care tab, submit a change using the next Effective Date (E5). This should be the first of the next month. For the new authorization, code the Begin/Change date (K45) as the date the child began or will begin attending the new provider. If the child has already begun to attend, close the existing authorization using today’s date for the End Date (K47). If the child will start attending in the future, use that future date for the End Date. If you are processing a provider change after the 27th but before the beginning of the next month, you must “walk up” the new authorization or close the existing authorization the 1st of the following month. Step-by-step instructions are available in Quest. Complete this request within two business days.               
​Adding a child to the household ​Add the child to the household on the date the household provides all necessary verification. You must take action within 2 business days to be timely. ​To add a child to an open Child Care benefit, you must enter the child’s information on the Household tab, enter an authorization on the Auth Daycare tab, and submit a change on the Child Care tab. The system tracks timeliness based on the date you enter as the Begin/Change Date (K45) block. This date is the date you have received all verification and are approving Child Care. The system compares the Begin/Change Date to the date you took action. When this processing time is greater than 2 business days, the action is delinquent. Step-by-step instructions are available in Quest.
​Removing a child from the household ​The change in the family’s copayment is effective the month after you remove the child. ​Update the coding on the Household tab and the Auth Daycare tab, and enter a Change that is effective for the following month.The change in the household’s copayment occurs based on how you update the Effective Date (E5) on the Child Care tab. Use the 1st of the month that follows when the child no longer needs Child Care or leaves the household. Close the authorization for the child who is leaving the home 10 calendar days from the date you take action unless the client agrees to an earlier date. Step-by-step instructions are available in the Handbook.
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