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You must identify the circumstances where the household no longer qualifies for Child Care. Do not close a Child Care benefit before the renewal unless

  • ​the client requests to close the benefit,
  • the Child Care payee is changing, 
  • the only child receiving Child Care leaves the home, 
  • the client is moving out of Oklahoma,
  • the household’s income exceeds the income threshold,
  • we approved Child Care in error,
  • the client receives TANF related Child Care and stops meeting the need factor, or
  • the client stops participating in OK SNAP Works training activities and does meet another need factor.

Once a household is no longer eligible:

  1. Enter a closure action in the E3 Action Taken field (Quest provides closure instructions here);

  2. Select the appropriate response from the E4 Reason dropdown (The Section II of the Appendix U outlines the available responses); and 

  3. Enter the date Child Care ends in E5 Effective Date field (Quest provides a discussion of when to close Child Care here; the Handbook, here).

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