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Adding a new child
When the client wants to add a child to the Child Care benefit, determine the child’s eligibility before adding the child. This means you must collect all of the information needed to determine the child’s eligibility.

This process resembles the initial eligibility process except there is no required application. The client can request to add a child via fax, by email, over the phone, or by coming to the office.

You must document the following in FACS and case notes:

The child’s citizenship or alienage or the child’s income may require additional verification. If the client has to provide verification, send a Client Contact and Information Request (Form 08AD092E or ADM 92) asking for verification within 10 calendar days and do not add the child to the Child Care benefit before the household complies.

Verification Received
Once you have the necessary verification, add the child to the household within 2 business days. Quest provides step-by-step FACS instructions for Adding a Child to Child Care.

Verification Not Received
If the client does not provide the requested verification within 10 calendar days, send the client a Client Notice of Action Taken (Form 08MP038E or ABCDMS-37) or code an authorization denial for that child so that a computer-generated notice issues.

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