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Who handles the Child Care application?

Adult and Family Services (AFS) staff, Child welfare (CW) staff, or the OK SNAP Works Coordinator processes all Child Care applications. Use this page to determine if you will handle the application.

Is the parent or caretaker participating in OK SNAP Works?
When a person participating in OK SNAP Works asks you for Child Care, you must ensure the client completes an application and provides the contract number. Interview the client, record the client’s interview in case notes, and image all required forms and verification. Once you have completed these steps, email the coordinator at The coordinator puts the authorization on the system.

AFS and CW applications
Staff distributes the remaining applications to an AFS or CW staff person.

​AFS Staff ​CW Staff
​AFS staff processes the Child Care application when ​CW staff processes the Child Care application when
  • parents apply for Child Care during a trial reunification (Use the parent’s income to determine eligibility in this situation).
  •  a foster parent applies,
  • a foster parent of a child in tribal custody with an open resource in KIDS applies,
  • a foster parent in the process of a trial adoption of the foster child in their care applies,
  • a trial adoptive family seeking to adopt a child in DHS custody applies,
  • an applicant needs care for a child placed in their home due to an Immediate Protection Plan or Safety Plan, or 
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