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Timeliness refers to how quickly you must determine and process the client’s eligibility. The entire eligibility process may take no more than 30 calendar days.

You must certify or deny the application

  • within 2 business days of completing the interview and receiving all required verification.

Counting Business Days

When counting business days, the day you receive the last piece of verification is day zero. After this day ends, you have 2 business days to complete processing. Holidays and weekends do not count toward this total. However, keeping a job often hinges on having ready access to child care, so try to process Child Care Subsidy as quickly as possible.


When you certify benefits, the certification date is the day you finish the interview and receive all required verification. Document this date in case notes, and enter this date in “Certification Date” (E2) and “Begin/Change Date” (K45) FACS fields. The certification date may not be the date you take action.

The certification date may be a future date. This may occur when a parent or caretaker only begins to meet the need factor later in the month, the household has alternative care until a future date, or another reason. In these instances, enter the day the household needs and is eligible for care.

See step-by-step certification instructions here.


When the client turns in all required verification and the household is not eligible, deny the application. You must act within 2 business days. When the client fails to provide any or all of the needed verification, deny the application within 30 days of the request date.

See step-by-step denial instructions here.

When you have not determined eligibility within 30 calendar days, you must send a Client Notice of Action Taken (Form 08MP038E or ABCDMs-37) to explain the reason for the delay.

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